Friday, December 2, 2011


english mothafucka, do you speak it?

I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day. I love the look- so I decided to recreate it. One thing I realized is that I do not own one single white button down- ridiculous- this should be a staple in any girls closet and will definitely be my next purchase.
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This is my recreation- except it actually looked a whole lot better on than whats featured here. My shirt was actually a black and white striped button down and it went perfectly with the Banana Republic skirt. I love my tights! They have a slight chevron pattern to them- makes them a little more interesting than plain black tights but not too wild so that I can wear them to work. I was never a huge fan of the "popped collar" however it worked perfect with this outfit because the scarf made it look not so cocky. I put my hair up in a messy bun and I was out the door- perfect outfit!

Preppy by carolineborck featuring tahitian pearl jewelry

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  1. Get yo self a button up girl! I wear mine all the time. And Happy late BIrthday! I hope you had a great day!