Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I love Pouf's! I love they way they look in a room and I just like to say the word Pouf! I know the floor pillows are a little different but I have grouped them in with my love of poufs. Floor pillows do not have the history or quality of the Moroccan poufs- but I love them all the same- they are easier to lounge on and cozy up with. Moroccan poufs tend to be very costly $300-$500. They typically take 4-7 days to make just one. They are made with the highest quality leather and hand stitched to perfection. They are considered an investment piece in your house. Use a pouf as a small table, footrest or extra seating.  They can work with any style from traditional, modern, contemporary or casual. Since their popularity, you can find poufs in almost any color, material or design  and a wide range of prices as well. I prefer the more natural textures and textiles but I also love a pouf in a bright hue to add a little pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. Pouf!

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