Friday, March 12, 2010

Stripidy Stripes!!!

I just got back from the beach...
it was great... pina coladas, lazy days on the beach, nautical themes, swimsuits, beach hats, pools and hot tubs!

Now I'm home and feeling a little nostalgic for the beach... lucky for me STRIPES are in style!!! I can just throw on my favorite stripe shirt or dress and feel like I'm back on the beach.
Brittany Boutique- Meridien genuine traditional breton sailor shirt
EUR 38.00  $53.20 

$10.50!!! Comes in more colors
                                                                                             Yoox Ben Sherman                            Yoox- Spina Stole                                 Yoox Murphy & NYE
                                                                                                           $42.00                                                $89.00                                                       $35.00

 Anthropologie Striped Pursuit Top

                                                                               Ruche- Daffodil lace on stripes dress                                                                         Ruche- Nautical Stripes Scarf
                                                                                                      $34.99                                                                                                                 $16.99


This month's InStyle helped us out on this trend


  1. this blog rocks it! keep up the good work!

  2. I love stripes too! Have you seen the Nautical Tank at You should check it out here's the link
    Oh ya they are redoing their site so they are offering free shipping!

  3. What a great top! Thank you for letting us know. I just checked out Anika Burke site- what great pieces at such great prices!!! Thank you!

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  5. Yay Caro! I love love love your blog. Also, good choice on the logo. And now I know where to get my booty jeans.