Thursday, February 11, 2010

a few little tricks of the trade...

Looking for that perfect piece of clothing online can be a daunting task.  BUT look on the bright side, searching online can afford you a wider search while allowing you to keep that budget in check. Here are a few helpful ideas to help you get that perfect piece for a perfect price!

Join ebates or Lucky rewards (must be a subscriber to Lucky Magazine); these sites allow you to search for the merchant you want on their site and then they transfer you to that site while giving you a ticket number.  You get a certain percentage of the money you spend back!  AMAZING.  Honestly, since late 2008, I have received over $200 back- embarrassing, but true!

Shop at websites like:, and when possible.  Oftentimes, these websites offer discounts upwards of 70% and there can be such great deals to be had! 

  The DIRTY DIRTY TRUTH is some websites offer coupon/ promo codes that they do not particularly advertise on their websites.  If you just "GOOGLE" or "BING" (whichever your preference), "_(website)_ coupon codes" you might be surprised what pops up.  Sometimes, the codes are expired, but when they are not, they are completely worth it!

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